Hi, and welcome to Jen Jakob Art. I'm so happy you stopped by!
I’m Jen and I’m the face behind this one woman show.

I started my career as a classically trained singer, singing in operas in the US and in Germany. Music and singing is the most beautiful thing on earth but the business behind it can be brutal.
I eventually got very tired of being told I was too this, not enough that, not quite right, too fat, too short, too loud, singing the wrong repertoire, you get the drift…
So I decided to find a new creative outlet where I was the boss and wasn’t beholden to outside approval and opinions. Enter colors and polymer clay!
It brings me such joy to make things with my hands and to create colorful designs that brighten up everyday life.
My hope is to spread joy and make people smile with these designs, and I thank you all for the support! It means the world to me.